Veterinary Clinic near 15th district (XV. district, Újpalota, Rákospalota)

You and your pet are welcome in our clinic at Pálya street, in Újpest. Our flat services are for dogs, cats and other small animals’ surgery and other vet services. Click the Services button below to get more information.

Our services:

Dogs, cats and other small animals: 

  • surgical and internal medicine examination
  • bone surgeries
  • specialist ophthalmic services
  • vaccination
  • parasite cleanse
  • neutering
  • veterinary obstetrics
  • nutrition consulting services
  • ultrasonic tartar removal
  • microchip insertion
  • passport application
  • ROYAL CANIN Nutritional food for sale

Contact us!
Address: 1046 Budapest, Vetés street 82.
Mobile: (6 am-10 pm): +36306209785

Opening hours:

Monday- Friday:
9 am – 8 pm 

Saturday, Sunday:
9 am – 11 am